Endpoint: search

GET /api/v1/search.ext HTTP/1.1
Host: https://yoursite.vanillaforums.com

Searches the site.

Auth required



Parameter Type Description
search string The string used to search

If you have advanced search enabled then search can take these additional parameters.

Parameter Type Description
Search string The search parameter is a list of keywords to search. There is also an advanced syntax you can use to modify the keywords: ”keyword phrase”: A phrase wrapped in quotes must occur in that order ”+keyword”: The keyword must occur in the search result ”-keyword”: The keyword must not occur in the result
title string Search just discussion titles
author string A comma-separated list of author names
cat integer The category ID of discussion to search
subcats bool Pass subcats=1 to search the category and its subcategories
archived bool Pass archived=1 to include archived categories in your search
tags string A comma-separated list of tag names
tags-op string Specify tags-op=and to make the search require all of the tags rather than any one of the tags
date string Specify a date to search on. This can be a data specified in yyyy-mm-dd syntax, but can also include text such as “Monday” or “today” or “last week”
within string You can use this in conjunction with the date parameter to provide a range of dates. You can pass a string such as “1 day” or “3 weeks” etc
page string The page of results you want to get. You can also specify a range like 1-10 to get the first 10 results

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