Creating New Functionality

Creating New Functionality

Addons can do more than just modify existing parts of Vanilla. It can create entirely new ones! Addons can create new Controllers, Models, and Modules in the same way that Vanilla itself does. This is recommended only for developers who are already comfortable with Vanilla’s framework. Read more about the Vanilla Framework.

Confused about addons and plugins? Learn the difference between Addons, Plugins, and Themes.


Looking to add a small reusable component? Create your own module. Add a new file class.mymodule.module.php in the root of your addon. Open it and create a new class extending Gdn_Module. Next creating a views/modules directory inside of your addon. Inside of this folder create a file named like your modules class name. For example, if your module were called MyFancyWidgetModule your would create a view file called myfancywidget.php. This file must be lowercased and have the Module removed from the classname.

Ready more about modules.


Is your addon a bit more complex? Add a controllers folder and add your own controller classes. They will automatically be detected and be dispatched like normal controllers. This functionality is available in Vanilla >= 2.2.

As a reminder, controllers should extend Gdn_Controller. Read more about controllers.


You will probably need a new Model to go along with your new Controller, so add a new one by creating a models directory in your addon and create your own model classes. They will be detected and called just like Vanilla’s built in Models.

Models should extend Gdn_Model. Read more about models.

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