Banner Settings

On the Banner Settings page you can control the following aspects of your forum:

  • Homepage title: This is the title displayed on your home page. This title will also appear in search engines.
  • Site Description: This is the site description for your homepage. Other pages will have description generated by the content.
  • Banner Title: This is the title will in your community’s banner, if you have not uploaded a banner image.
  • Banner Logo: This will replace the Banner Title. You have the freedom to use whatever size you want, but 250px x 50px is a great size that works nice.
  • Mobile Banner Logo: This allows you to add a small banner for the mobile theme.
  • Favicon: This is the icon usually seen in the URL bar and when someone bookmarks a link from your site.
  • Share Image: This is the image that will be included when content is shared on social networks (like Reddit or Google+) if no image is present in the content.

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