Supported platforms

Supported platforms

Migration tools are available for the following platforms. All migration tools minimally support users, categories, discussions, and comments. For a current per-platform, per-feature support list, see the Vanilla Porter.

PHP forums

  • Vanilla 1
  • phpBB 2-3
  • vBulletin 3-5
  • bbPress 1
  • SimplePress 1
  • Simple Machines 1-2
  • PunBB 1
  • IP.Board 3
  • XenForo
  • Joomla Kunena
  • Drupal Advanced Forum
  • MyBB
  • esoTalk
  • Expression Engine

ASP / .NET forums

Requires conversion to MySQL first. Try the dbdump tool.

  • Yet Another Forum
  • Toast
  • UserVoice
  • ASP Playground
  • Webwiz

mbox-formatted mailing lists

Mailbox imports are very complicated, but allow importing of email libraries (like a listserv). See its comments at the top of its package file.

Cloud Hosting

We believe that online communities should be intuitive, engaging and true to your brand. Vanilla allows you to create a customized community that rewards positive participation, automatically curates content and lets members drive moderation.

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