Smarty Modifiers

Smarty modifiers can be applied to variables, custom functions or strings. You can use a modifier by adding a | (pipe) after the element you wish to modify and adding the modifier name. Modifiers can also accept parameters which are separated by a : (colon). These parameters must follow the order of their appearance in the signature.

Vanilla supports the built-in Smarty modifiers as documented on the Smarty site, and has created a few more for you to use in your templates. Learn more about Smarty modifiers from the Smarty site..

Modifier: asset_url

Converts a string to an asset url. Solves the problem of trying to using a relative path when Vanilla exists in a subfolder.

Parameter Type Default Description
withDomain boolean false Whether or not to prepend the base ( URL to the outputted link
addVersion boolean false Whether or not to append a version to the resulting asset to help bust the cache


In the following example, if the asset_url modifier was not specified, the image would not work if Vanilla existed in a subfolder. It also adds the domain name to the url and appends the theme version number.

<img alt="My logo" src="{"/themes/MyTheme/design/images/my-logo.png"|asset_url:true:true}">

Modifier: date

Formats a timestamp consistently with Vanilla’s date formatting, which by default varies depending on how much time has passed.

Parameter Type Default Description
format string varies The strftime format of the date


The following example prints out the current year and uses the {$smarty} reserved variable to get the current timestamp


Modifier: translate

Translates a string into the selected locale’s definition.

Parameter Type Default Description
default string none Default translation. Good idea to set when using short-names


This example outputs the breadcrumbs, where the home link text is the translated ‘Forum’ definition. Learn more about the breadcrumbs tag.

{breadcrumbs homelink="Forum"|translate}

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