Troubleshooting Vanilla

These are some generic tips for addressing problems during an upgrade or installation.

  • Delete cache/addon.php so that the plugin and theme mapping rebuilds itself on the next page load.
  • Set $Configuration['Debug'] = true; in your conf/config.php to reveal full error messages. Remember to remove it when you are done.
  • Clear your browser cache and cookies, then restart your browser.
  • Clear the entire contents of the cache folder.
  • Vanilla cannot be reinstalled while the $Configuration['Garden']['Installed'] = true; line is in your config. To restart installation from scratch, you can delete the conf/config.php entirely and drop all tables from the database, then begin the installation process again.
  • Revert to the default theme. You can do this manually in conf/config.php by setting the $Configuration['Garden']['Theme'] value to default.
  • Disable plugins. If you cannot get to your Dashboard, you can manually delete lines containing EnabledPlugins in conf/config.php but do not remove HTMLawed’s line.
  • Try running /utility/update again (see upgrade instructions).
  • Verify your permissions and default role settings are correct for every role.
  • Start a new discussion on the open source community with your version number, the exact error message you got, and what you were doing when you got it.

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