Additional Settings

Advanced settings

Advanced Editor has different modes to help you accommodate the needs of your community.

Advanced Editor Dashboard Settings

By default, all forums are set to use Markdown as their post format.


WYSIWYG stands for “What you see is what you get”. It is a familiar and intuitive format for most end users. In this mode, pictures and text formatting will display in the editor as the user composes their post, eliminating the need for them to understand formatting tags.

When selected, there will be an additional option to reinterpret all old posts as Wysiwyg. The purpose of this option is to normalize the editor format. If you have posts on your forum that were composed in BBC or Markdown, they will still display their formatting tags unless this box is checked.


Markdown is a lightweight markup language that is popular and flexible. When selected for your forum, all of the formatting buttons will place the corresponding markup into the post. This article will be linked under the editor to help guide unfamiliar users.


HTML is the standard markup language of the web. This article will be linked below the editor when this mode is enabled.


BBC stands for Bulletin Board Code. It is a common markup language for community forums, and a great option for communities with users who are already familiar with forums. This article will be linked below the editor when this mode is enabled.

Text Ex

Text Ex is a plain text version of the editor that still allows Links, Emoji, and file attachments. Smart Embed will also still work in this mode, allowing for videos and other sharable content to be posted inline.


For communities that need to restrict formatting entirely, this mode enables only plain text posting.

Mobile Editor

You can choose a different format for posts made from your mobile site. Using the same format is recommended.

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