What are Groups?

Groups is an addon for very large communities to allow their users to form their own discussion groups. These groups allows for having discussions outside the normal forum category structure in self-contained areas. Very large communities can be difficult to approach for new users. Groups can be a useful way for users to find other folks with common interests or backgrounds.

Groups have an events list, their own announcements, and leaders who run the show. Users can join a group freely, by application, or by invitation. Your normal moderators (with the permission Moderation.Manage) will have the ability to moderate inside groups as well.

Why only very large communities?

Groups can cause discussion segregation and draw attention away from your main forum categories. Cliques can form within your community which hurt its cohesion and growth. We strongly recommend against using Groups on sites with less than several thousand currently active users (users that participate once a month or more).

Getting started with Groups

Try creating three to eight groups as a pilot program to introduce groups to your community. Carefully managing the list of groups available can encourage the creation of fewer groups with higher quality and participation. Ten groups with 30 members each will create a far better experience than 100 groups with three members each.

Cloud Hosting

We believe that online communities should be intuitive, engaging and true to your brand. Vanilla allows you to create a customized community that rewards positive participation, automatically curates content and lets members drive moderation.

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