You must have SSL enabled on your domain. (Your forum must be served over HTTPS.)


This addon allows users that have the Staff.Allow permission to do the following:

  • Link your Salesforce account to your Vanilla user profile.
  • Create Salesforce cases and leads from Vanilla discussions (per discussion, not per comment).
  • Salesforce cases and leads appear as “attachments” on your Vanilla discussion for authorized users.
  • View Salesforce leads from Vanilla user profiles.
  • Sync Vanilla users with Salesforce contacts when a user edits their profile or registers.

The Vanilla administrator may alternatively setup a global Salesforce connection rather than using individual connections.

We also offer single sign-on from Salesforce.


Salesforce: Create & Configure Application

  1. Log into your Salesforce Account
  2. Create new Connected App in Salesforce.
    1. Build → Create → Apps → Connected Apps → New
    2. Fill the required fields: Connected App Name, API Name, Contact Email.
    3. Enable OAuth Settings.
    4. Set a Callback URL by appending /profile/salesforceconnect to the end of your forum’s URL.
      • If your forum is at, your Callback URL would be
      • If your forum is at, your Callback URL would be
      • Callback URL must be HTTPS.
    5. Add to Selected OAuth Scopes:
      • Full access (full)
      • Perform requests on your behalf at any time (refresh_token, offline_access)
    6. Save.

Vanilla: Enable & Configure Addon

  1. Log into your Vanilla forum.
  2. Dashboard → Addons, and click the Salesforce addon’s settings icon.
  3. Fill out the requested information.

    • Where to find your ApplicationID and Secret in Salesforce?

    In the app creation section mentioned in Configure Application in Salesforce under API you will see Consumer Key (which is the ApplicationID) and Consumer Secret (which is the Secret)

  1. Login to Vanilla.
  2. Go to your profile page.
  3. Edit your profile.
  4. Click on the Social section. (/profile/connections)
  5. Click “Connect” on Salesforce.
  6. Follow the instructions from there.

Vanilla: Send Profile Extender Fields to Salesforce

To send custom fields over to SalesForce, make sure the SalesForceID field on Vanilla’s “Profile Fields” settings is set and matches Salesforce’s “Field Name” exactly.


If you get stuck on a page that says “error=redirect_uri_mismatch&error_description=redirect_uri%20must%20match%20configuration”,

make sure that the URL you are on when you are in the social section of your profile matches the Callback URL that you set in the configuration.

Example: If the URL when you are on in your profile’s social section is, you should have in your configuration.

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