Tagging is a feature that allows users to add keywords to discussions. For public communities, tags help label specific content for improved findability. When used with advanced search, they help isolate content by a relevant topic and improve results. Tagging also has a theme module, which can serve as site navigation.

Enabling Tagging

Tagging is not enabled by default for new communities, it will need to be toggled on by and administrator. Tagging can be found in the Dashboard under the “Settings” tab, in the left-hand menu under the discussions heading. You can navigate to it directly by going to /settings/tagging


Once Tagging is enabled you will be presented with this page in your dashboard:

Tagging Menu

Here you can a view of all the tags that have been created and the number of times in which each tag has been used. By clicking the downward arrow on the right side of each tag, you can:

  • Remove individual tags from your community
  • Edit the text of a tag
  • Edit a tag’s URL slug

Keeping tags and their URLs simple can be a great way to organize content and label it for search engines.


You may not want your entire user-base to have the ability to create unique tags. Administrators can adjust this permission for individual roles:

Permissions for Tagging

Unchecking the “Add” permission will prevent those users from creating new tags but they will still be able to tag their posts with existing ones. This allows administrators to restrict users to a curated pool of tags.

Using Tags

Once tagging has been enabled, it adds a new field when a user is making a post:

Tagging Section In New Posts

When you begin to type a keyword into the field, a drop down display relevant tags to autocomplete with. Tags can be multiple words and are separated from one another by hitting the enter. Clicking on the “Show Popular Tags” link allows users to see tags that people have used recently and choose from that list.

Additional Resources:

  • If you need to place the Tag module in you theme, check out our Module List
  • Read more about Advanced Search, here.

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