Advanced logging

Additional logging is available on our highest-tier plans for an additional fee to cover the additional load & performance hit incurred by more verbose logs.

The logs are available via a Dashboard page under “Event Log”. They can be filtered by date range, event name, and severity. Sorting is chronological or reverse-chronological.


We are currently able to log the following additional events for auditing purposes.

Authentication & Permissions:

  • signin_failure
  • password_reset_request
  • password_reset_failure
  • password_reset
  • password_change
  • password_change_failure
  • session_start
  • session_end
  • security_denied (any permission error)
  • csrf_failure (request may have been spoofed)

Privileged actions:

  • theme_changed
  • addon_enabled
  • addon_disabled
  • role_add (user permissions modified)
  • role_remove
  • security_access (admin/moderator-only actions)

Outgoing requests:

  • http_request
  • http_response
  • http_response_error

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