Cloud Support

We provide professional support exclusively for our cloud clients. Because of this, we require the forum owner to request support, or to specifically authorize other users to receive support.

Support is available by:

  • Using the “Support” form in your Dashboard.
  • Visiting the official support forum at Sign in with the same email you used to register for cloud hosting.
  • Emailing support [at] vanillaforums [dot] com directly.

Please know they all go to exactly the same queue for attention from our entire staff. You should receive a response in less than 24 hours. If you do not, please verify we received your message.

You will receive faster support and answers by using the methods above than emailing your account representative. After your forum is launched, we strongly recommend going directly to support for most needs to ensure the fastest turnaround.

Please note the open source community forum at is not an official support channel. While full of great volunteers, they are under no obligation to assist and may not be able to anyway.

Cloud Hosting

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