What is Reporting?

Reporting is a way for members to bring moderators’ attention to content that they believe is inappropriate. “Report” is an option under “Flag” in the Reactions available under each post.

Reporting a post

Go to Flag → Report in the Reactions menu at the end of the post. A popup box will prompt you to add a “Reason” both to explain the report and discourage useless reports. Any member may use this function.

Reporting content creates a new discussion in a special moderator-only forum. Additional reports of the same content (the exact same post) add new comments to the special discussion.

If different posts in the same discussion are reported, each will get its own special discussion. Moderators can comment in the special discussion normally to coordinate a response.

Viewing reports

Go to the “Reported Posts” category or click “Reported Posts” in the sidebar menu. Each discussion represents a piece of reported content. The discussion starter is whoever reported the content first. Only moderators may see reports and receive notifications about them.

Notification of reports

If they have the Advanced Notifications permission, moderators may subscribe to receive popups and/or emails of all new discussions and/or comments in the Reported Posts category.

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