Warning a User

Warning a User

You can warn a user from their profile, or from a post that they’ve made. Warnings may be given by users with the permission Garden.Moderation.Manage or Moderation.Warnings.Add (if present).

Profile Warning

To warn a user from their profile click on their edit profile drop down. There should be an item called Warn.

Warn from a Post

You can warn a user for a post they’ve made. To do this click on the post’s flag menu and click Warn.

Warn Dialog

Clicking a warn button will bring up the warn dialog where you can enter information about the warning.


Select from a list of warning severities. The idea is that moderators should pick a severity based on the action that the user did and let the system keep track of those warnings to decide on punishments based on the points that accumulate on successive warnings.

Message To User

Enter a message that will be sent to the user explaining why you’re warning them. This message is sent in the form of a private message and the user can reply to it to plead their case.

Private Note to Moderators:

Optional. Enter a short note that only moderators can see. This is useful if you want to convey sensitive information that should be hidden from the user that has been warned.

Attach this warning to the post

If you warn a user from a post then there will be a checkbox to attach the warning to the post. When you select this then the post will be linked to the warning.

Viewing Warnings

To view a user’s warnings go to their profile. There will be a notes link on the side panel. Note that both notes and warnings are displayed in the same list. Warnings are identified by a warning tag.

Users that may view warnings are those with the permission Garden.Moderation.Manage or Moderation.UserNotes.View (if present).

Reverse Warning

You can reverse warnings by hovering over them and clicking the reverse button. Reversing a warning removes its points from the user’s warning level, but doesn’t remove the warnings from the user’s profile. Reversed warnings are noted with a reversed tag.

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