2018 Cloud Releases

Vanilla 2.7 (16 Aug 2018)

New: Rich Editor

  • Whole new posting UI, built from the ground up, that replaces the Advanced Editor.
  • Available as an addon so you can transition at your own pace.
  • Features rich embeds from popular content sites like YouTube, Twitter, and more.
  • Generates generic rich embeds from any publicly accessible website.
  • Intuitive inline formatting options replace the old permanent toolbar paradigm.
  • Full emoji selector.
  • Drag-and-drop image uploader.
  • Native support for quotes, spoilers, and code blocks.
  • Packed with accessibility features and shortcut keys.
  • Read about its new features in our docs.

New: Groups features (Cloud only)

  • Add “secret” groups (groups that are completely invisible if not a member).
  • Add search support to groups.
  • Add a group invitations list to the groups homepage.
  • Improve ability to join a group from an email notification.

New: Firebase SSO addon (Cloud only)

  • Provide SSO support for Google’s Firebase product.
  • Available on request.


  • Fix Advanced Search results double HTML escaping.
  • Fix LinkedIn SVG.
  • Fix broken signout URL in embed comment form. (thanks bleistivt)
  • Fix category dropdown when editing drafts with old ‘DoHeadings’ setting enabled.
  • Fix handling of manually applied Ranks in edit user form that could block saving users.
  • Fix drafts double escaping special characters.
  • ProfileExtender: add Instagram magic formatting. (thanks bleistivt)
  • Tagging: Enable their use on Ideas.
  • Bulk Users Importer: Do not validate usernames when importing users.
  • Q&A: Fix recalculation of discussions’ Q&A status.
  • Steam Connect: Fix broken SSO connections (Steam’s endpoint moved to HTTPS).
  • Ideation: Fix double index photos. (Cloud only)


  • Improve accessibility by adding placeholder/title for text areas.
  • Add noindex to Reactions profile pages.
  • Add translation support for “All” and “Following” in category following filter menus.
  • Disable hashtags within post contents by default.
  • Add support for seconds-only time parameter to YouTube embeds.
  • Add JSON LD microformat to discussion pages.
  • Make minor aesthetic improvements to Dashboard, including using Open Sans font.
  • Default Vanilla Stats to use HTTPS.

API v2

  • Add ability to expand category to index of discussions endpoint.
  • Fix filtering by Group on the discussions API v2 endpoint.
  • Online: Add APIv1 capabilities to APIv2.
  • Fix some API schema documentation bugs.

Developer Notes

  • Add TypeScript, React, Redux, and WebPack support to core.
  • Format drafts as plaintext instead of text. (vanilla/vanilla#7181)
  • Add Parchment & Quill dependencies via new Rich Editor addon.
  • Respect scalar type hints in endpoint parameters. (vanilla/vanilla#6922)
  • Fix “Active” class on edit profile link not appearing under specific circumstances. (vanilla/vanilla#6907)
  • Add ability to override theme per contoller. (vanilla/vanilla#7048) (thanks Csabbencs)
  • Add ability to write integration tests on non-core repos.
  • Add coding standards enforcement to product repos.
  • Add PageScraper class (vanilla/vanilla#7104, #7139)
  • Deprecate the val() function. (vanilla/vanilla#7534)
  • Add classes to pager module to improve ability to style. (vanilla/vanilla#7608)

Vanilla 2.6 p4 (9 May 2018)

  • Removed canonical URLs from our 404 views.
  • Fixed a bug that caused announcements to be filtered out of recent discussions intermittently
  • Added a script that allows Bootstrap3, Cornerstone, Deflector and Triple A themes to opt into autocomplete search results.
  • Removed category following filter from pages where it is irrelevant.
  • Added a check to prevent Ideation from displaying the New Idea option to users without the appropriate permission.
  • Fixed score calculation on discussions converted to ideas so that unrelated reactions no longer inappropriately adjust the total votes.
  • Added whitelist exceptions to our new MIME type validator for file uploads.
  • Fixed a memory issue that was causing the Bulk Importer to fail.
  • Fixed a memory issue that was associated with Advanced Search
  • Fixed a conflict that was causing the Groups page to crash

All fixes below this line were included in the open source 2.6 release, where applicable.

Vanilla 2.6 p3 (9 May 2018)

  • Fix translations for file upload error messages.
  • Fix subcommunities disabling “New Idea” button.
  • Fix Google+ SSO link to signin.
  • Fix deletion of items in moderation queue.
  • Fix filtering followed categories on deep branch (performance issue).
  • Fix “time left to edit” messages.
  • Fix bookmarking of discussions in Groups.
  • Fix idea API edits not being reflected on discussion pages.
  • Make ‘image upload’ button on by default in Editor.
  • Security fix related to remote page info fetching.

Vanilla 2.6 p2 (19 April 2018)

  • Fix user search by IP never returning results
  • Restore breadcrumb to the bottom of discussions.
  • Add more logging jsConnect to asssit debugging.
  • Fix issue where drafts could be overwritten.
  • Fix issue where the database was being over-queried (introduced in 2.6).
  • Increase subcommunity page limit to 100.
  • Adjust comment editing permission checks to avoid re-querying the database unnecessarily.

Vanilla 2.6 p1 (12 April 2018)

  • Filter values sent over SAML before putting them into the User table to prevent accidental overwrites.
  • Author Selector: Fix broken menu option.
  • Fix Bootstrap 1 theme’s navigation.
  • Add caching to subcommunity query for the default site to reduce database load.
  • Fix ability to delete items in moderation logs.
  • Fix spider crawling errors for non-existent pages.
  • Add logging to JSConnect to assist in debugging.

Vanilla 2.6 (5 April 2018)

Category Following

  • Users may now “Follow” categories.
  • Recent Discussions page may be filtered to only show discussions from followed categories.
  • This feature must be enabled in the Dashboard.
  • Enabling it adds a new menu to the Recent Discussions page, so theming conflicts should be checked.
  • We removed the old “Mute” function for categories to make room for this new feature.

Hero Image addon

API v2 new endpoint support for the following features:

  • Badges
  • Polls
  • Q&A
  • Ideation
  • Ranks
  • Search

Changes & Additions:

  • Add Analytics.Data.View permission to grant non-administrators analytics view access.
  • API change: A discussion that is an Idea or Question can no longer be updated or deleted from the discussion endpoint. It must use the new Ideation or Q&A endpoints. This prevents loss of data integrity for their current status.
  • API: Add pagination information to response headers for multiple endpoints.
  • API: Add filtering by archived status to categories endpoint.
  • Allow the API v2 to authenticate with API v1 access tokens.
  • API docs: Parameters of type ‘enum’ now correctly list all values that are accepted.
  • Fix image upload button not always appearing in Advanced Editor and Signature editing.
  • Fix filter menus showing for guests on Recent Discussions and categories root.
  • Add “none found” message to category pages with no categories.
  • Fix image cropper overflow when editing avatars.
  • Fix discussion Q&A status for edited and deleted comments.
  • Fix Keyword Blocker setting updating user as insert user when editing post.
  • Fix broken links to theme documentation from dashboard.
  • RoleTracker: Move Untrack option into a popup.
  • Reactions: Fix text truncation on profiles.
  • Update redirection after adding a category.
  • Fix redirect to after deleting group discussion.
  • Improve UX when attempting to join a group without being signed in.
  • Update System user’s default avatar.
  • Accessibility improvements.
  • Security enhancements.

Vanilla 2.5 p2 (4 January)

  • Bulk User Import: Fix resending of invitations.
  • Rename database column GDN_Session.DateExpire to DateExpires to match conventions and fix structure update problem.

These changes were made prior to the open source release of 2.5:

  • Fix core version number check to read from environment.php instead of index.php.
  • Move addon deprecation hook earlier to disable old HtmLawed addon (now a core feature).
  • Fix potential deprecated HtmLawed addon issue in open source installs by including a dummy file in the directory.
  • Fix generating user tokens from profile pages.

Vanilla 2.5 p1 (20 December 2017)

  • Fix link to the last comment in a discussion (the timestamp link on the discussions table view).
  • Groups: Fix issue where clicking Quote could lead to a permission error in Group-related discussions.
  • Fix issue that could lead to the discussion title being omitted from notification email subject lines.

Vanilla 2.5 was released to cloud on 6 December 2017 and packaged for official open source distribution on 23 December 2017. Patch-level releases are only made to cloud.

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