Vanilla 2019.004 was first deployed on March 22th, 2019.

Keystone Navigation Items

The keystone header on desktop now contains core & contextual navigation items. Additionally these items can be found on mobile devices by opening the navigation menu.

Desktop Mobile
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Knowledge Base

The knowledge base addon has a fresh new logo. Thanks @ElisaAlmeida.


Custom Theming

Custom theming for knowledge base is currently not available for Theme Pull or Code Deploy features. This release lays the groundwork for a new dynamic theming system in Vanilla. Highlights include:

  • New beta APIv2 /themes endpoints.
  • Updated Knowledge Base & Editor UIs to support the new framework.
  • Support for setting custom variables through a theme. Currently this allows customization of font properties, button styes, and primary/secondary colour schemes with no CSS required.
  • Support for 0-modification custom theme headers & footers.
  • Support for adding custom javascript through a theme.

Deleting and Restoring Knowledge Bases

Knowledge bases can now be deleted and restore from the knowledge base dashboard page (/knowledge-settings/knowledge-bases). Currently deleting a knowledge will remove it from visibility everywhere, but does not permanently delete content. A deleted knowledge base can restored at a later date.

Article Reactions

Signed in users can now React to articles with Yes/No “Was this Helpful?” prompt. Signed out users can see the totals of the prompt, but are not currently able to respond.


Next & Previous Articles

Guide type knowledge bases now display nest/previous links at the bottom of the article.


Improved Create/Edit knowledge base page

The dashboard page for creating and editing knowledge bases has been improved with description and better validation.


Choose article location while creating an article.

It is now possible to specify an article location while creating the article in Guide type knowledge bases.


Other Fixes


Rich Editor

Knowledge Base

Developer Notes

Cloud Hosting

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