Badges are designed to reinforce desirable behaviors on a forum. They are not necessarily awards for the best or most of something, but rather signs that point the way to positive participation in a community.

Default badges

Vanilla’s Badges addon automatically creates a wide variety of badges. Some relate to core forum functions (like commenting), and some are only triggered by using additional addons (like Reactions). Default badges are typically assigned to users automatically when certain conditions are met.

Badges list

All badges are listed in the Dashboard under “Badges”. This includes any badge ever created in your forum, regardless of whether it is currently active or achievable.

Users’ badges

A list of a users’ badges will display, by default, in the panel of their profile as a grid of badge images. Badges awarded incrementally (such as membership anniversaries) will “stack”, meaning only the highest-increment badge will show.

Viewing a badge

Clicking a badge’s name in the badges list will take you to a public page describing the badge. Users can get to this page by clicking the badge in their profile. This page shows the most recent recipients of the badge.

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