Giving and Requesting Badges

Giving a badge

Badges->Give is the permission that defines who can give badges. By default, moderators and administrators have it.

To manually give a badge to one or more users, click the “Give” button from the Badges list. Type a username in the provided box. You can give a badge to many users at once by typing all their names, separated by commas.

From a user’s profile, you may select “Give Badge” from their options menu to give that user a particular badge.

Revoking a badge

To revoke a badge from one or more users, contact support. It is not currently possible to revoke the points assigned.

Requesting a badge

Badges->Request is the permission that defines who can request a badge.

Manually-awarded badges will have a “Request This Badge” button on their view page. Badges that are triggered automatically do not have this option.

Requests for badges are viewable in the Dashboard under “Badge Requests”. There are options to Approve or Decline them individually or en masse.

Users with permission to Give badges will be able to see the Badge Requests page. They will also have an option under Notification Preferences in their profile to be notified of new badge requests.

Addons that assign badges

  • Reactions: Gives badges for incremental levels of positive reactions received by a user’s content.
  • Q&A: Gives badges for incremental levels of accepted answers as user has posted.

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