What is a Rank?

A rank can be assigned to a user to grant or remove certain privileges on your forum. A rank is not Roles & Permissions, which govern content access, moderation abilities, and administrator access.

A user can only have one rank at a time. Typically, the user’s rank is displayed on their discussions and comments just after their name. If a user has a Title, that is displayed separately, after their Rank.

Ranks can be assigned automatically or manually. You can configure automatic ranks to be given for total posts, points, how long they’ve been a member, and/or a permission level.

Why use Ranks?

Ranks can solve a number of challenges forum owners face. They can limit malicious practices, publicly identify certain types of members, reward users for participation, or allow veteran members a greater deal of control on your forum. Once you learn how Ranks work, you will have a powerful tool for creating new functionality.

Default ranks

Ranks comes with 7 default ranks. There are “Level 1” thru “Level 5”, “Moderator”, and “Administrator”. The order of the list matters. In this case, “Administrator” is the highest rank because it has the highest number for “Level” and is therefore last in the list. “Level 1” is the lowest rank.

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