Using Ranks as Incentives

Using Ranks: Incentives

You can use Ranks as an incentive for members to participate by rewarding them for more and better participation.

Example Case

What follows is an example for abilities to grant to higher ranks. It uses the default ranks Levels 1-5 and assumes the default Criteria of 50, 100, 500, and 1000 points for Level 2 thru 5 consecutively.

Gaining points on your site is done thru addons such as Badges and Reactions. Users who gain the point levels of the default ranks have demonstrated their ability to positively contribute to your community.

Suggested abilities

Levels 1 and 2 will remain as default, or you can assign them abilities according the Using Ranks to Defeat Spam and Abuse document.

Level 3, set the follow abilities.

  • Title: Give
  • Location: Give
  • Me Actions: Give

“Title” and “Location” are fields that appear in every comment a user makes. This allows them to display more information about themselves. “Me Actions” are a fun ability to make specially-formatted posts based on chatroom actions. Add a comment that simple says “/me runs away” (minus the quotes) to see it inaction as an administrator.

Level 4, set the same as Level 3, plus:

  • Signatures: Give
  • Discussion & Comment Editing: Authors may edit for 1 week

“Signatures” are snippets of text or images that a user may add to their profile which will show after every comment they make. You must have the Signatures addon enabled for this to work.

Discussion & Comment Editing is something that makes forum use more enjoyable for members, but has a high potential for abuse. Therefore, only more trusted members should have longer editing time windows.

Level 5, set the same as Level 3 and 4, plus:

  • Content Curation: Give
  • Discussion & Comment Editing: Authors may edit for 1 month

Content Curation is an effect that interacts with the Reactions addon. The ability to Curate gives the special reaction “Promote” if it’s available on your site, which is +5 points and puts the post on the Best Of page. It also means a “Spam” reaction from that user can move a post immediately to your Spam Queue for review by moderators.

Again, we set a longer Discussion & Comment Editing timeout for our most-trusted and experienced users.

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