What are reactions?

Reactions are a 1-click response to discussions and comments. Using Reactions enables community members to indicate an emotional (“Awesome”, “LOL”) or empirical (“Agree”, “Vote Down”) response without typing a comment. This introduces feedback that is otherwise missing from a community when members don’t have anything to add to a discussion via a comment. Reactions are available via an addon.

How does the Reactions addon work?

After each post, a row of reactions will appear. Members can click one (and only one) Reaction to each post. This will add or subtract points to the post and the user as defined by that Reaction’s settings. The post will show a running tally of how many of each Reaction it has received. Clicking a different reaction will switch how you reacted. Clicking the same reaction a second time will revoke it.

Reactions also creates a “Best Of” page in which content with the most positive reactions are collected.

Uses for Reactions

Communities can use Reactions for a number of scenarios. All reactions can be customized to meet your need. Some benefits include:

  • Positive reinforcement for contributions
  • Increased participation and interaction
  • Member-powered curation of content
  • Enables skimming by high-reaction comments
  • Optional integration with Badges for gamification

Reactions is a dynamic tool that encourage emergent behaviors and uses. We consider it a feature that most communities will benefit from in some way.

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