Adding and Editing Reactions

Selecting Reactions

Vanilla comes with a wide range of reactions in your Dashboard, of which a few are enabled by default. You can toggle them on or off depending on what reactions are appropriate to your community. To enable or disable a reaction on your forum, click the “Active/Inactive” toggle next to each reaction in the Dashboard under “Reactions”.

Generally, we recommend using one to four reactions. Reacting should be simple and reflexive, not a complex decision over which reaction to use.

The list of Reactions in the Dashboard

Reactions are universal to all categories on your site. You can use CSS rules to hide certain reactions in certain categories, but they cannot be officially disabled selectively.

Edit a Reaction

To edit a reaction, go to Reactions in the Dashboard and click the name of the Reaction you wish to edit.

Editing an existing reaction is the best way to tweak your list to fit the culture of your community. We recommend selecting the default reaction that most closely matches your desired reaction and simply changing its name.

You can also change the “Points” field to modify how many points it give to the user receiving each reaction of that type. The number of points assigned to the discussion or comment is not currently editable via the Dashboard. Yes, Reactions assigns points to users and content independently.

Doing this allows you to keep any automated badges associated with that reaction, which you can then rename appropriately as well. See the Badges - Adding and Editing Badges to see how to do this safely.

Adding a Reaction

To add a new reaction, contact support or your sales representative.

Advanced Settings

You can access “Advanced Settings” for Reactions via a link near the top of the Reactions page of the Dashboard.

The Advanced Settings page

“Show Who Reacted to Posts” changes how reaction tallies are displayed under comments. The default is “in a popup” which requires hovering your mouse pointer over the reaction to see who reacted that way. Use “As avatars” on small to medium-sized sites to show a row of avatars under each comment for who reacted. Or select “Don’t show” to hide it entirely.

“Best of Style” changes the layout of your Best Of page.

Reactions come with the option to order your comments based on reactions. In general, we do not recommend doing this.

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