Curating with Reactions

Curating with Reactions

Reactions can provide your community with powerful self-curation tools. It’s very important to understand your community (or the community you intend to build) before selecting what reactions to use.

Any of the thresholds or increment values mentioned in this document can be modified via support.

Promoting content

Promote is a special reaction. Only users with the “Curation” permission (or that ability via Ranks) are able to use it. It assigns five points to the discussion or comment. The user that made the post receives the number of points indicated under that reaction in your Dashboard.

Discussions or comments with five or more points assigned to it will be added to the Best Of page and will get the “promoted” CSS class added to them. These points can come from any type of reaction.

After content is added to the Best Of page, it is never removed, no matter what its future point total is. The “promoted” CSS class is reevaluated as point totals change. You can use this special class to style promoted content different (like highlighting it with a special background color).

Burying content

Discussions and comments that reach a score of -5 or lower will be “buried”. Buried content appears collapsed by default and requires a user to click on the content before it can be read. You can style buried content using the “Buried” CSS class.

Abuse and Spam

Abuse and Spam reactions are available to all users when enabled but have special actions attached to them. Five or more Abuse reactions will add the content to the Moderation Queue for moderator review. Ten or more will remove it. Five or more Spam reactions will move the content to the Spam Queue.

A user with the “Curation” permission counts as 5 of either of these reactions when they use it.

Using negative reactions

The current default for negative reactions in new installations of Vanilla is for them to remove 1 point from the discussion or comment, but to have no effect on the point total of the user who made the post. This discourages abuse of negative reactions beyond simple voting scenarios.

There is always the potential for abuse when you open up avenues of self-curation in a community. In general, we discourage the use of any negative reactions unless there are established guidelines for their use in your community.

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